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Convenient Car Repair

We believe in doing things a little bit differently than a traditional auto repair shop. We believe in serving you and your vehicle needs right at your door. Whether you need your sedan repaired while you at busy at work in Riverton, Utah or if you have the demanding job of watching the kids, we are there. We believe that you shouldn’t have to waste your valuable time and energy in the waiting room of an auto shop while your oil gets changed or diagnostics are run. We come to you to take care of those squeaky brakes and strange noises coming from under the hood. Call us and we will be there!

Our Services

Our schedule is easily filled with oil changes and regular maintenance jobs like fluid flushes, drive belt replacements, spark plug repair, oil leaks, brakes, and many other common concerns. We are equipped to service many other vehicles needs as well, including fixing a window that won’t roll down, headlights, power steering pumps, water pump replacements, emission components, and much more. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today! Many vehicles have different suggested manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules. Whether it be a Honda or Audi, we can take care of any regular maintenance at a much more affordable cost than the closest dealer. Why pay more? Why spend your time waiting in the lobby of a car dealership when you can be doing something more important-like eating dinner? If you are in Riverton and need your car serviced, call or text us today!

Our Happy Customer Reviews

Michael S

We love it when we receive our trucks back from Maven Mechanics because they run like a finely oiled machine. Keeping our trucks in good condition is important because we use for our jobs. We recommend them to other drivers in South Jordan.

Paul L.

If we have problems with any of our cars, we never think of taking them to any other auto place other than Maven Mechanics. These guys really know their cars and they prove it whenever they handle our repair needs. They offer great value for the money too. They did a great job on my Lexus and my wife’s Odyssey.

Alice L.

No matter how bad our car is, we know that we can always count on this service provider to effectively take care of matter no matter what the problem might be. We are sure that because of them, we have been able to hold on to our cars for longer.

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