Radiator Repair

​​​Don’t be too alarmed if we diagnose a problem with your vehicle that involves your radiator as this is one of the most common reasons for vehicle problems. The reciprocating parts within the engine must be kept cool. This can only be accomplished if there is water/coolant moving through the engine block from the radiator. If the engine runs hot, you will experience all sorts of problems that could adversely effect the engine and other components of your vehicle. With the help of our team of mechanics, we’re able to inspect your radiator and cooling system to determine the cause. If you are experiencing an overheat condition, don’t ignore it. Let us figure out what the problem is for you.

What Causes Over-Heating

There are various reasons why your car may overheat; we have outlined a couple of these reasons for you below:
Low Coolant
This is the most common cause for an engine to overheat. You may have a head gasket that is leaking internally, or an external leak from the radiator or other cooling system component.
Heat Exchangers
In the past, radiators were constructed of brass and copper. Today they are made of aluminum. Those with older cars are the ones that typically experience a problem with their radiator due to their heat exchangers. Newer model vehicles don’t usually experience a radiator issue due to the type of heat exchanger it has. Insects and road debris can also cause problems with airflow over the radiator fins.
Clogged Coolant Passage
There are many things that can clog coolant passages, such as dirt, oil in coolant, and improper coolant. This can result in the coolant passages being blocked thus causing your car to overheat.
If the vehicles thermostat is stuck open or closed, it won’t allow the system to circulate properly. This is the other most common cause for an engine to overheat.
Cooling fans and fuses
When a cooling fan or a relay/fuse fails, this can cause an overheat condition. When driving at speed, airflow over the radiator fins will dissipate heat. However, at idle if the car tends to get hot it typically can point to the fans or fuses.

Why Rely on Maven Mechanics

There is no better reason to rely on our services other than to ensure that you can receive the help that you need. Our mechanics are hand selected to work with our customers. You will receive the help that you want and need at prices that you can afford when you turn to Maven Mechanics.

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